Site Maintenance

Just as your car needs regular maintenance so does your web site.

Many things happen in the background affecting the health of your site from security, traffic, redundancy of items and just general house cleaning.

Technology changes rapidly and many things change constantly within even the most basic web sites.

As tools become available allowing interaction of non-technical personnel, the goal becomes more oriented towards get it online and that's it done! However, there are rules that should be followed and with busy schedules or lack of technical knowledge they are not always followed. Here are some items that should be checked routinely:

Security of code, things like menus, animated images, data base connections.. and many more.
Monitor who has access to your site and which sections, to ensure no loss of security.
As browsers continuously change, a compatibility check is needed routinely to ensure correct presentation formats.

  • Expiry of domain name to ensure site is not lost
  • Dead links, if you link to external links you have no control of the linked to website so make sure they are still active
  • Image efficiency (optimize resolution) to ensure your visitors experience a positive experience when browsing
  • Recommendation for improvement both technically and marketing
  • Routine review of site stats to monitor trends and make recommendations for improvement
  • Search Engine Optimization, search engine technology is constantly changing, don't get left behind
  • What are your competitors doing? offer a complete set of support services to keep your site healthy. We can provide a level of service to suit your budget, but remember skipping an oil change now to save a few dollars can cost you big later.

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